About Us

Who are we?

We are vertical specific ecommerce site dealing in Accessories and Tech Products.
We are a team of excessively cool people working day and night to bring you the most awesome products and the most awesome prices. Here at Carlsonraulen.com, our focus is on customer satisfaction. We aspire to provide our customers the best experience, and we back it up with uncompromising integrity. Plus humor, fun, and good looks (take our word for it!)

Why Carlson Raulen?

We are here to say: CRwatches or Carlson Raulen is a LLC based e-Commerce Company in US! In a nutshell, you can blindly trust us.
We care: We provide our customers with quality products at lower prices, with a return and refund policy should anyone be dissatisfied with our products for any reason. That doesn’t happen often, when it does, you can count on us to make it right.
We sell good stuff: All our products are covered under either manufacturer warranty or our in-house warranty.
Hear it from our customers: Carlson Raulen takes great satisfaction in the rave reviews and feedback from customers because we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. Yes, that means we lose money occasionally but to us, providing exemplary customer service is most important.